International Workshop: New Perspectives on Foucault’s Corpus, Digital Humanities and Scientific Projects (31/05/2024, Almo Collegio Borromeo, Univ. Pavia & streaming)

The one-day workshop intends to take stock of the new Foucault’s corpus emerging from the archives, starting in particular with the digital humanities projects currently underway. In the light of this research, some of the researchers currently working on several of the philosophical themes emerging from the new corpus will take the floor. More specifically, the topics addressed will be the following: Foucault’s relationship with ancient philosophy; Foucault’s reading of Kant; the 1970s: the relationship between philosophy and history.

Program of the Workshop organized by Elisabetta Basso and Luca Fonnesu.

The event will be held at Università degli Studi di Pavia, Corso Strada Nuova 65 – 27100 Pavia (Italia). You can also follow it online.

Link to streaming

ID: 985 9033 7540
Code: 296362